Welcome to Friends of Bill W. Group.

If you are planning your next trip to Cancun Mexico or you are already enjoying the Mexican Caribbean remember that there is safe place waiting for you. We are the only Alcoholics Anonymous English speaking meeting in Cancun Mexico and anyone from any 12 step program is welcome to be here and to share with us.

Meetings available through Zoom: Meeting ID 591-616-0000.

Our adress is: Av. Carlos J. Nader SM 5 Mz 8 Plaza Centro Local 418 is right downtown Cancun and its very simple to find our meeting. Get directions


Zoom: 591 616 0000 no password


10:00 a.m. Central time

In-Person Meetings


6:15 p.m. Central time



Regular Buses run 24 hrs

Directions: Step 1

If you are staying @ the Hotel Zone you can always take the regular bus to attend our meeting, they run 24 hrs and they are very safe. It will only cost you 1 USD per person per trip. Be sure to take the buses that say R1 or R2 DOWNTOWN and tell the bus driver to drop you at "La Patagonia Bus Stop" .Be sure to leave your hotel around 5 15 pm so u have enough time to get downtown and this way you will not get in between the traffic cause the end of working shifts in Cancun are around 5 30 pm. Or if you prefer to take a taxi downtown u can always do so but it will be more expensive depending on the hotel that you are staying and u can pay between 20 to 35 USD per trip.

La Patagonia Bus Stop

Directions: Step 2

This is a picture for your reference on how "La Patagonia Bus Stop" looks like, this fountain is where you get off the bus and right there you will find Av. Carlos J. Nader (or just NADER Ave. as know for short name), walk towards it and 4 blocks ahead you will find the Plaza Centro on the left side of the road right in front of a restaurant named "A la Burguer", this building is better known in Cancun as "Secretaria de Relaciones Exteriores" (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) this is where the main offices for tramiting a passport are located and everyone will be able to tell you about this building so there is no way you can get lost. Or if you prefer you can always Contact Us

Plaza Centro Nader Ave.

Directions: Step 3

Once you arrived to Plaza Centro in Nader Ave go inside the building we are located on the 3rd floor on Local # 418, be sure to press the number 2 button on the elevator and you are ready to enjoy a meeting with us. We are always happy to have people from out of town to come and share their experience strength and hope with us.

And remember that anyone from any 12 step program is welcome to be here and to share with us.... See you soon and remember Keep it simple one day at a time... Enjoy your stay

  • Cancun is like a second home for us, we come every year since the last 12 and we are very happy that we can always count with an AA meeting in English, we made good friends there, we love Friends of Bill W. Group Cancun.... John & Sally ...Detroit

  • I travel a lot and one of the things I love of AA is that they´re everywhere I go but when it comes to Cancun Friends Of Bill W. Group it´s my favorite place to visit... Santiago.... Michigan

  • I´ve being sober for quite 24 hrs and I love to travel to Cancun and the first thing I do after I land it´s visiting my Friends of Bill W .Group theyre always there for me Anonymous.... Germany